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Instead of a Foreword – 12

Zorica Jevremović MunitićZorica Jevremović Munitić     The Unbreakable Whole

                                        to Milena Dragićević Šešić, for her birthday


You say you are
A dynamic, unusual, intellectually and emotionally united
A whole
I hear
Well then let it be so if it seems like that
Quiet quiet.
We would meet in the middle of the largest room.
We would hug
Two or three times a day
Tightly like young lovers
And go to our desks
And this we did regularly
Every day, every year, every decade
Here comes another poem
During the war you went to the Kalenić market
Not just to change deutschmarks for dinars
You loved Roma people
Esmeralda meant more to you than your own family
And it was hard, cold, dangerous outside
For the Gypsy house patron's day she took you to a Gypsy restaurant to drink beer and eat grilled meat from early morning
And you listened to her
Those who buy, those who sell
She laughed brightly
And painted the dresses around her
Even of fine ladies from downtown
Women young and old who buy for a dinar
For a deutschmark
You and Esmeralda were a regiment of two new arrivals to the city
Lined up in a formation that loved both Niš and Belgrade
And all the towns in between
To this Dalmatia of yours
Esmeralda would say
You are not bad you are a gentleman
But you should eat more
Let that woman of yours keep you feed you
Here, let's shake hands
You would say see you on Sunday
And return to the first poem
Intellectually and emotionally united
A whole

February 3, 2015

Zorica Jevremović Munitić


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