Mediantrop broj 13

Instead of a Foreword – 10/11

Mediantrop No. 10/11 - "Sna to dever"


Zorica Jevremović MunitićZorica Jevremović Munitić      To Lordan

You've already been in exile
And waiting for the cut
What do you call a husband's brother
You have no brother
What do you call a brother of a husband
The impatient one asks
One that is no kin
Well, then, Lordan is your dever
Like a relative by way of homeland
And me
You're a Dalmatian sna
Silence follows
The first encounter at Rogoznica when a movie was being shot
Beautiful-eyed Ranko
Beautiful-haired Lordan
The handsomest Dalmatians in Yugoslav cinematography
It was nineteen sixty-four
Each just around twenty years of age
But already knew all that goes on before the camera
The alluring flesh of film
Open seas with no coast in sight
Šolta and Trogir
Preserving the embrace
The sea rising to unseen heights
But passion unconsummated
Fifty-odd years burned out
Fifty years
The many enthralling Pula festivals
Movies, books, TV shows
Amateur, short-meter, long-lasting
Creations fit for first-rate film lovers
Insensitive to the stings of nationalism and a world without taste
Theoreticians of fairy-tales
Philosophers of their times and points beyond the cosmos
Concerned for the future of this world
Of all of those standing around them and undeniable
Believing in the right to their own choice
And in life until death
Tied together by fate
They laugh quietly
Lovers of most beautiful women
Never telling anyone about their beauty
Or skill
And rewards only just enough for what they do
May it be so
Our gratitude to them our gratitude to the world
They wage their war to the end
Times that become the only space in which they act
The history of the soil to which they bring glory through their works
And by which they are remembered
More than any kinship in blood
To the bliss and joy of the twins


April 25, 2015.

Zorica Jevremović Munitić