Mediantrop broj 13

Instead of a Foreword – 1

Mikan Marinović, my colleague from university days, who has lived in New Zealand some twenty years now, writes to me that my electronic magazine for the media "should be truly modern." Yes, but Mikan, himself a film theorist, has forgotten, or does not know, that ever more art and culture magazines are disappearing in Serbia and that there is not a single one for the media.

For this reason, the electronic magazine for media and culture Mediantrop will be put together in such a way as to cater to the needs of Serbian and Belgrade cultural scene and at the same time aim at becoming sufficiently intriguing for media and cultural workers throughout the region.

Thus, the first issue carries Nikola Lorencin's script on Ranko Munitić's oeuvre, and, for the first time, Vladimir Kolarić's translation from the Russian of the 1922 St. Petersburg multimedia manifesto, Ex-Centerism, as well as a semiological analysis of Milena Pavlović Barilli's. rarely mentioned painting, The Shipwreck or Melancholy. Then, by no means less important, the first part of world renowned culturologist Milena Dragićević Šešić's manuscript on her travels in India; an interview with the Serbian-Canadian composer Ana Sokolović, jointly held by me and radio journalist Zorica Premata; two texts by students of journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences, who are currently attending a course on television sports commentating; and the so far unpublished but prize-winning text by Ivana Kronja on the films shown at the Free Zone 2011 film festival.

The first issue is intended to show the magazine's media raster, from a multimedia manifesto, to theater, to media journalism. We expect your suggestions, and contributions.

Zorica Jevremović Munitić